Thank you. Because of your support we can open again in April 2019.

The Bike Bus has gone Planning for new building submitted Open April 2019

Thank you to everyone who supported us and especially those who pledged through Crowdfunder to help us 

replace the Bike Bus. 07577 279928

Your Cycling Adventure

The beautiful Plym Valley Trail is your route to discovering Dartmoor.


Plymouth Bike Hire at Coypool Park and Ride has free parking and bikes, trikes, tags, trailers and electric bikes for all the family.  Come and ride the traffic free trail. 

Information on the Plym Valley Trail and Woodlands can be found at;

Beetle along


Safe and Traffic Free

Something for everyone


Not just rough'n tuff trail bikes here. 

Bike Hire

Open from Spring Holiday every day (weather permitting)

Plymouth Bike Hire

The Bike Bus, Coypool Park and Ride, Coypool Road, Plymouth PL7 4TB

07577 279928


Open from 10.00

Last bikes to be returned by 18.00

Hire Prices